Monday, June 9, 2008

Apply new face to your Orkut pages

One of the world largest (according to techcrunch) social network website, Orkut, finally has added much awaited facility, Themes. There are 12 themes provided to choose from.
If you want to change your theme just follow the following steps and add some eye-catching touch to your pages.
1. After Logging into your orkut account, click on “Edit Profile” option

2. Click on theme’s Tab

3. Select the Theme from given options (total 12)

4. Click on update

5. New theme in action

You have successfully applied the new them to your orkut pages, now all your friends and family members can see your new theme.
Do you want to use other then the orkut provided theme? You could do that easily, with a few quick tweaks that will be in the next post.