Monday, July 14, 2008

Download the un-downloadable media from eSnips!

Imagine you were searching for your favorite mp3 songs, after digging for hours for mp3, at last you got the media you searching for on eSnips, but unluckily the download link is not there! The only thing you can do with the media is listen it online!
But wait here is a trick from, using which you can download the media from the eSnips, even if there isn’t any download link for that file!

Follows these 4 simple steps and your favorite mp3 is on your PC within few seconds.
URL example:
1. Change “doc” to “nsdoc” in the URL - nsdoc/a9a4de34-97a5-42c4-8575-c71e96bd16d7/BACKSTREET-BOYS---Helpless-(-Unbreakable-)
2. Remove the file name completely from URL - BACKSTREET-BOYS---Helpless-(-Unbreakable-)
3. Replace the file name with - /ts_id/1205795172796/ns_flash/file88.mp3
4. Hit the Enter button. Either you’ll have the download box appear on your screen or the media will play in media player (I am assuming your default player is Media Player)
5. If the file opens in Media Player, then go to file menu and click on “Save Media As…” and save the file on your PC


Buzzknow said...

this is digg story how to download mp3 or video from esnips

its working as October 2010