Wednesday, February 6, 2008

BarCamp at city of Nizams (Hyderabad)

What is BarCamp?
BarCamp is an international network of user generated conferences, its open and participatory events. The attendees provide the content of the event focusing on early stage of web applications, open source technologies, social protocols, and open data formats.

Who can attend it?
Anyone interested in the technology can attend it; Please make sure you first register at

Which Topics covered?
Technologies, demos and startups- betting on Web2.0, Social web, Semantics Web and beyond!
Social Web and Beyond
Opensource and Emerging Technologies
Product/Prototype/Idea Demos
and more, you can also suggest a topic from

Location and Date of the event?
On February 16th, 2008. Saturday
Block 1, DivyaSree Omega
Survey No. 13, Kondapur Village,
Hyderabad, A.P 500 032

Note: while attending the event please make sure your name added to their list at ( will be permitted to enter. Also do carry some form of identification e.g. Driver's License, PAN card, college ID card, company ID card, voter id card.