Thursday, January 31, 2008

Access Gmail accounts in Outlook Express

Do you want to configure your email client (outlook express/thunderbird) to retrieve Gmail account?

In October Google started the POP, IMAP services; you no more need any browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera etc) to read or write you email messages. You can directly access them using your email client, for example using Outlook Express 6.

Configure Outlook Express 6 to access your Emails:

To configure your outlook to access Gmail account follows the steps:

1. In the outlook Express 6 Click the “Tools” menu, and select “Accounts”
2. Click on “Add”, and click “Mail”
3. Enter name in the Display name, click “Next”
4. In the Email address, Enter Gmail email address, click Next
5. Select “IMAP” For My incoming mail server
6. Enter “” in the Incoming mail
7. Enter “” in the Outgoing mail, Click Next
8. Enter your Gmail username in the Account name
9. Enter your Gmail password in the Password, and click Next

Retrieving email first time

When you first time access to Gmail account using Outlook Express 6, it will ask you to download all the folder structure from Gmail mail server. Allow it to download otherwise it will not download messages from server.


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